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Taking Turns as a Slave_(1)

2023-01-20 21:54:22

Amy woke up gradually, stretching her arms over her head. She froze in place when realization hit her. She had forgotten what day it was.

Today was her 17th birthday. In older times, it would be a cause for celebration. Now, with the new slavery laws enacted, she was a slave. She looked at her clock. Technically, she had been a slave for over 8 hours now, since her birthday was effective at midnight.

According to the law, she was the property of the oldest male member of her immediate family. She would remain his until she either married, was sold or turned 22. If she remained unwed or unsold by her 22nd birthday, she reverted back to a full citizen. In the meantime, she was an object, with no rights whatsoever.

The law had been enacted in an effort to keep the population down and alleviate the stress on the government. Every slave that couldn’t work, collect unemployment or other benefits freed up funds for real citizens. Also, since most women refused to marry before they were old enough to be citizens, there was less opportunity to reproduce. Truthfully, after being forced to have sex for years, it was the last thing married women wanted to do

In her case, with her father dead of a heart attack years ago, she now belonged to her 16 year old brother.

She got up, used the toilet and walked downstairs. Her mother was in the kitchen and her brother was watching TV with his friend.

“There she is. I let you sleep in a little. You’re going to need your energy.”

“G’morning Doug.”

“Good morning! Now, get on your knees Amy.”

She complied, knowing where this was going. Doug had been teasing her for months, telling her what he was going to do once this day came. Although she wasn’t his legal slave until today, she had been nice to him, hoping he would treat her decently in return.

“Excellent. Now crawl over here.”

She did.

He leaned forward. “Now kiss me.”

She leaned forward with her lips puckered. She was a little surprised when he held the back of her head and pushed his tongue into her mouth. Having no choice, she kissed him back. Finally, he pulled back.

“Good. Now, take my dick out and blow me.”

“Doug, please don’t do this!”

“You aren’t to speak!” and he slapped her face.

Amy wished for some other choice or someone that could intervene. She looked over at her mother now standing in the doorway, who shrugged. The penalties for interfering were strict.

Amy slowly leaned forward and reached into the opening in the front of his pajamas. Taking out his penis, she could see his friend Eric watching from the other couch with wide eyes.

So, her brother’s cock was the first one she ever had in her mouth. After a few minutes, his was the first cum she ever swallowed. Eric became the second. By the end of the day, she had been taken by them alone and in pairs, orally, vaginally and anally.

When her mother walked in and plopped down on the chair after dinner that night, Amy was bent over getting drilled in the ass again while Doug watched TV.

“Mom looks tired. Let’s give her a treat. Go lick her pussy Amy.”

“Doug? That’s not right!”

“Tomorrow, we’ll be taking care of your ability to talk back. Now, get to it.”

Amy was close to tears as she crawled to her mother’s feet and tried to push her skirt up she was a little surprised when her mother shifted her weight and pulled it up for her.

“Sorry honey, but it’s been a very long time and I can’t say I’m not looking forward to it.”

Amy pulled her underpants down and started licking. With Doug shouting instructions, she was soon alternating between tongue fucking her and sucking on her clit. Her mother came, pulling Amy’s head harder into her pussy and moaning.

“If I’m not around, you will please Mom and do whatever she wants, understood?”

Amy nodded.

Over the next few years, Amy received a special spray each morning that made speaking impossible. She was kept completely naked at all times and sexually used however Doug decided. At one point, she was fucked by everyone on the school track team to celebrate a victory. She was even made to accompany Doug on a couple of dates, sitting under the table at the restaurant and pleasuring his date repeatedly.

She had both nipples pierced, her clit removed and Doug’s initials branded on either side of her pussy lips. In all, he had been vicious and cruel to her.

Amy was 20 when her mom died in a car accident. She attended the funeral nude, but it didn’t matter. She had been passed around to most of the family members in the room by then anyway.

The news broke several months later that the slavery laws were being amended to include males. Enslaving women had reduced the strain on society a lot and the government was hoping doing the same thing to men would help more.

Amy was getting her ass fucked doggy style by Eric as the segment came on. According to the anchorman, men between the ages of 18 to 25 were to report immediately for processing. They would be owned by the oldest person living in the residence. They were very clear that each living space was its own residence, but only if it had a separate water and electrical supply. In other words, moving to live in the room over your parents garage wouldn't save you.

Amy was stunned to hear that, effective immediately, that the eldest member of each household would be exempt from being a slave, whether it be male or female.

Eric pulled out and stared at the TV. “What did they just say?”

She answered, when Doug was out of town, Eric kept an eye on her, but never bothered to keep her devoiced. “They just announced that I legally now own Doug and you belong to your sister.”

“Nah, I’d belong to my dad, not my sister.”

“It specifically said ‘household’, not ‘family’.” Eric had an apartment that him and his sister lived in. His father wanted nothing to do with slavery, so Eric convinced him to let her move into his apartment as a slave. “She’s listed on the property tax, right? Even slaves and underaged children are listed there.”

“Oh shit!” He said as he quickly dressed and ran out the door.

Amy stood up for the first time in hours. Stretching her back, she walked over to the phone and texted Eric’s sister, telling her the news and warning her that he would probably be trying to make her go back to her parent’s house, but not to go, no matter what he said.

Doug had gone fishing for a few days and Amy was going to be looking forward to his return. She felt between her legs where her clit used to be.

Yeah, this was going to be fun.