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An Exchange Student Gets Some Real Sex Education!

2023-01-21 01:33:31

An Exchange Student Gets Some Real Sex Education!

As an old guy, who has resisted a bank card, a cell phone and the internet, finally has all three! The internet wow, what can I say, it has everything from the best to the worst instantly, and of most interest to me has been all of the porn sites! After being married to a wonderful woman for over 40 yrs and enjoying some incredible kinky sex with her I had recently started writing about her fantasy's and our sexual adventures. This had led to corresponding interacting with many women young and old on these sites, about many of the things we did along with mentoring several young couples.

For me it is a wonderful thing to help spice up others sex lives. I have always been free and vocal with the things I have learned over the years and only wanted to pass on what has worked well for us! One of my most recent and enjoyable contacts was with a young girl named Andi from Great Britten, she was so taken by the stories about my wife's fantasy's and many of the things we had actually done. That I had encouraged her to try different things, and one was a trip to some of the local adult arcades and sex shops. I told her that most owners of these shops would be happy to have a horny young girl around especially one that was dressed rather slutty!

She had taken my advise and had gone to one of these adult store's near where she lived. A place called Pillow Talk Wearing only a short tennis skirt knee high stockings, a thong, no bra, and a cut off T shirt that ended just below her small breasts! The owners, a husband and wife named Don and Penny never asked her age and were quite happy to have her around to jazz up the customers and show her stuff! She was so excited to be an exhibitionist in front of male customers she had never met!! She had so impressed the owners that they gave her a free hour in one of the video booths. She had masturbated along with her trusty little vibrator while watching porn and had heard a man in the next booth get off OMG! Was it exciting and did she,.. ever get off! Penny had told her to come back anytime as she had several things that she wanted to do to and with Andi that would not only get her get her off it would also help get their customers off!

This thing with Andi and her coming to the states had all started with Oliver a black friend who liked sex with women in general and young white women in particular, Vanessa Rose a bisexual mistress who herself had recently emigrated from Great Britten and Dr John a well hung white guy. I had found out later really was a doctor and that his specialty was Gynecology, go figure!

Although Dr John and I met many yrs ago when he and his young girlfriend Pam wanted to experience some really kinky bondage and abusive sex in Steve's basement that, at the time was our poor mans dungeon! Our friendship after this had endured even though we had not had much contact for years.

We were setting around in one of our old haunts reminiscing McMenimans pub up on 14th street about the good old days back during the 80s and all that had gone on. One thing that interested us was this relatively new idea about actually training women in all sorts of sexual situations, like a training academy for sex! Sort of in a college or trade school like setting. The idea was for these women to be submissive and obedient to their masters! We did a lot of this back in the day, but did not consider ourselves masters at all. Many women even then wanted to be naked, submissive and on their knees to male or even female dominants!

We talked about a school thing like this and that wouldn't be incredible if something like this actually existed we had heard that there was a White Slut Training Academy actually operating on the east coast in westchester co. Someone said half joking that we could apply for federal grant money? So we hastily formed a group and put together a proposal with no real thought, it would ever be excepted! So with a bogus certificate of accreditation and a black head master Oliver! This was to take advantage of the grant money for minorities, that the U.S Government so foolishly and generously offers each year to institutions they think may help those with a particular societal problem either locally or from around the world. .

The business plan and educational curriculum we submitted was actually honest and very detailed as to just what kind of education and sexual training we were offering, it had everything in it. Bondage whipping, toys, pussy stretching humiliation gang bangs oral and group sex as well as simulated rape! But it was done as a lark!

This group including myself were John, Vanessa Rose and Oliver. Most of us at one time or another had been involved in the local BDSM groups like the Guild along with our own circle of friends that shared the love of bondage, and the sexual abuse of naive, and not so naive submissive women! Vanessa Rose who had this incredible English accent and Oliver were still currently active. We thought from the start that are proposal would be turned down almost immediately, and had gone on to other things, thinking little about this proposal we had submitted.

Much to our surprise we received notification that our submitted business plan outline and curriculum had been accepted. As written! After some unbelievable conversation among ourselves we agreed to make this dream of such a place into reality! We quickly found out that not only did they except it, the government was going to pay us to train and sexually abuse women? They are also going to pay our instructors, and the tuition for those who are accepted into our program along with their room and board!.

This incredible stroke of luck was followed by a mad scramble to put all of the special training we had proposed in place. OMG! They have excepted our offer and now we had to put it all together!...

I had advised Andi this girl from the UK who seems to be an oversexed young woman searching for answers about her own sexuality, to apply to our obscure and dubious school for a scholarship and acceptance! Our school was located in the N/W USA Portland Oregon a very liberal city much like Seattle and San Francisco, and supposedly we offers under the guise of, minority, multicultural, ethnic and better international race relations the opportunity to become more knowledgeable in all of these programs offered! . Boy even now it sounds believable?

Several years earlier I had invited two young women that I had befriended also on one of the internet sex sites to come to Portland and the North West! They wanted to actually be sex slaves for a week! One the older Jo, was a big girl with gigantic breasts, and had some really poor personal relationship experiences and thought because I had the connections at the time to make all of her fantasy's come true, felt that everything we did would work out! The other named Leah much younger and soon to be married just wanted to find out and experience every thing about sex so that her boyfriend and husband to be would have a well experienced young bride, unknown to her I had invited him so that he could actually be her first sex partner! Both of these young women were quite satisfied as to the events that occurred! There is a story about them titled “Girls That Want To be Sex Slaves” also posted here on the xnxx story site!

We needed training instructors, we needed a small campus, and dorms for those attending, and it a hurry! Not only had we submitted our business and academic plan along with the proposal, we had also at the same time placed several ads on college internet sites offering special training in multicultural, ethnic and racial inequities when it came to anything involving sex! We had listed the curriculum and several courses along with requirements for both.

Two class's were to be offered, the first was a mental thought process a type of brain washing that dealt with acceptance of being submissive to a dominate male or female instructor, and consisted of doing exactly what was asked of them without question, thought or hesitation as to the request! It was further broken down into several other categories. Humiliation was one exhibitionism, and of course obedience was another! These were followed by how to dress how to walk and present ones self in private an in public along with what to say, who to say it to and how to say it!

The second class offered was an actual workshop better known as a lab requirement and this consisted of doing the things they had learned along with what their training instructors would add. There would then be field trips to numerous locations in the city where the student in groups or as singles would be required to put everything they had learned into actual practice!

Andi the young woman from the UK was from one of the blue collar sections of London , she had been struggling in school, to the point she has dropped out. A well meaning counselor suggested she explore the possibility of applying for one of the many grants offered by schools of higher learning, not only in the UK but also in the states. Andi at first was reluctant to do so, but when she does access the suggested site, “ours”, and reads the curriculum and its requirements, her interest in our training program has made her quite sexually excited and quickly focused on our particular institution.

We have sent her an online private personal form and questionnaire to fill out that is like no other. This form starts out with the usual questions of name address, country, height, weight, color hair and eyes. Sexual preference male or female? But then goes into bust waist and hip sizes! This is followed by many other even more personal and intimate questions, do you have large or small nipples do you shave your pussy or is it all natural. Is your clitoris bashful or pronounced! When and at what age was your first sexual experience, was it good or bad, what kind of sex was it?Self induced masturbation sexual intercourse or other. Was it with a male or female?

What kind of clothes do you like to wear. What kind of under garments do you like, or do you wear nothing under your clothes? This was followed by more questions?

Have you ever been tied up or blindfolded? Do you like hard and rough sex? The next question was the biggie? It asked how do you see yourself in a sexual relationship? Do you like romance, one on one, with a male or female? Do you like, (Example) to be naked and helpless in the presence of others, in public, as an exhibitionist and does it bother you if many or all of the people were black?

Last, and a most strange one, how do you feel about sex with animals? Each question had an additional area where the applicant could explain or elaborate in detail on or about any of the questions asked on this most interesting online form

For Andi these questions were very personal and ones that no one had ever asked before. Let alone had she ever answered online, but they were questions about everything she had either done or fantasized about doing in her travels through puberty. She was at first hesitant to pour out her most intimate and very delicious personal thoughts and feelings about sex,! Especially to an online educational entity she knew little about.

But her consuler had suggested it and, “she” was a professional therefore Andi thought quite excitedly why not? Besides, she and I had been corresponding for some time and we had become close friends, and the fact that I was involved, had easily convinced herself that this institution of higher learning and its offerings were legitimate,.. and if kinky sex was involved even better! After going back to the site several more times and with my urgings to do so, she had become so wet just thinking about all of the possibilities of these so intimate questions.

Once Andi started putting her answers down every thing that had ever happened to her seemed to quickly flood out and fall into place! Name Andi address,.xxxxx London. Country,.UK. Height 5” 8” tall,.. Weight 105# lbs,... Hair color black ,.. Eyes brown,.. Age 18,..just barely! Bust size 32 B,.. Waist 22”,.. Hips 36”,.. simple so far?

But then they got into the real questions? Do you shave your pussy Yes or no? The answer was of course yes! At what age did you have your first sexual experience: Andi has to think about this for a bit and goes on to answer this question in detail.

My first sexual experience: She writes, happened when I was 14 myself and my friend Debbie had been talking about sex and the conversation rolled round to masturbation and later that nite on my own I started to experiment! My parents never did talk to me about the birds and bees, I don't think they thought it was wrong or dirty, they just didn't talk about it. So I spent a lot of time after this experimenting and on the internet looking at porn sites and asking my few friends, By then I was about 15. So you could say that I was self taught and that this for me was a fun time as a young girl going through puberty.

When was the first time you actually had sex with another and was it a Male or Female:

I had slept with one other school boy , it was my first time and I did not know what to do or expect, nor did he, and when blood from my broken hymen was all over the place it had scared him and me, half to death! This was until I found out it was a normal thing for a virgins first time! We were both so young and had no experience. At first thought he had killed me! But of course I was not dead!

How do you feel about bondage and kinky sex? : Her answer!

I first got in to bondage with my steady boy friend, he was older I was 16 and he was 21. Up till then I had only slept with this one other boy. He, this boyfriend loved to dominate me and tie me up when we had sex I found that I really liked it and when he found how wet it made me. He would get me to dress slutty when we went out, especially to public places

He would be in complete control of me and that just seemed to make me even more hot and horny every time. But he would never really force me to do anything I was not willing or comfortable with, one time I let him handcuff me to a tree in a wooded area at nite!

I thought he was just going to fuck me. But instead he unbuttoned my blouse, leaving my little titties bare, undid my skirt and pulled it off along with my nickers, he then stuck them in his pocket, and wrapped the short little skirt around my head so I could not see! He told me that he was going to just leave me there for some one to find and fuck, then he just walked off! I was terrified, but soooo wet and horny.

He came back an hour or so later, and by then I was so randy I could have humped the tree he had cuffed me to, I was so hot I did anything he wanted! .He gave me a really good fucking and made me walk home wearing only my blouse! That's when I decided I definitely liked kinky sex, bondage and to be naked in a public place where some one might see me! I also discovered that loved to be controlled by another especially when naked and helpless! This little episode had made me so wet and horny that I wanted to do it again the very next night!

The next question was?

Would you have sex with a person or persons from another race: This answer is of course yes and she goes on to explain. That for her she is interested in black guys and that it all started with a girlfriend of hers not long ago. We were both barely 17 at the time, and she was dating an older black guy. She said he had more cock than she could handle, and even showed me a picture of it! That nite I went home and surfed the web for porn with black guys and ever since I been hooked, wishing I was one of the girls sandwiched between to big black cocks in the porno I had seen!

Do you like oral vaginal or anal sex: This answer for Andi is yes to all three!

Do you like public nudity and exhibition ? Her answer again was yes!

As she explains, when I was 16 I first started to set myself up for sex challenges! I put on some gaudy lip gloss and trashy make up to make me look older and sexier.. Then got dressed up in a short tennis skirt and a t-shirt that came just below my tits with no bra! I put on a small thong with knee high stockings, I really liked dressing like this. Then I wore an old long mack to cover me, and went out of the city. To a park I heard about on the tele that said several young women had been attacked by a man with a big dog and that both had sexually abused them!

This place had a large wooded area next to it. My plan was to dump my mack when I got to the park, and then walk through the woods hoping that something like what happened to these women might happen to me, and then back through the city streets to get home dressed like a complete slutty little whore!

When I got to the park, in my haste had quickly dumped my old rain coat and set off into the woods! It was getting dark and after about five minutes of excitement I decided to do something even more risky and striped down to just my stockings! This got me me even more excited and in my excitement after walking about a bit, and because it was getting dark. I had lost track of where I had hidden my clothes, so I was stuck wandering around naked wearing only my stockings,.. trying to find them OMG! Was it ever exciting!
I spent over an hour looking and trying to find my clothes? I was scared to death as every sound in the dark woods excited me even more not knowing what or who might come along and find me naked, or what they would do to me? But, the thrill of it, got me so wet and horny I easily made myself cum hard right there in the woods! I really enjoyed the scary excitement of what I did!

I never did find my clothes and had to walk back to where left my mackinaw and then walk home with just my stockings and mack of which got me wet all over again! I even left my mack completely open and unbuttoned when I walked down the lanes to get home, this was just to add some more thrill and uncertainty to it! I did it a few more times after this and it is a real turn on for me, but nothing ever happened?

Do you like hard and rough sex?: Her answer was again yes!

Going on to say the things she has fantasized about that really turn me on are to be dominated by an older lady one that is a sadistic lesbian bitch of a mistress if possible, one that will fuck me hard in the ass and pussy with a strap on. One who makes me do things like wear slutty outfits in public, and humiliates me by making me show my tits ass and pussy to complete strangers and then she lets them whip me, especially my pussy.

I think I would really love rough oral sex and that I love to be fucked (hard and deep) especially anal! I masturbate all of the time thinking about being kidnapped and helplessly raped by both black men and white, or to be completely naked and taken to a public gang bang by them where I am the one that really gets used hard! (although I have never been to one)!

The last question was something she had never told anyone about, and it asked about sex with animals:

She was scared at first to even answer this question, but the form said that in order to be excepted into this educational program that all questions must be answered! The question was, would you willingly or unwillingly have sex with animals, Dogs, Domestic animals such as Ponies Donkeys Horses or Bulls ? She had always been an animal lover pure and simple. Saying she loved dogs, and that she has always had sexual feelings for dogs from as early as 15 or 16 and also love's to watch girls have sex with dogs, but her favorite's were really big, strong dogs! So the answer was rather hesitant, but went on to answer that she would have sex with them, either willingly or helplessly!

She had become so randy after answering all of the questions that later that evening while laying in bed unable to sleep and thinking about all of the questions she had answered earlier the urge to masturbate became overwhelming! So she called her new friend Penny at the sex shop and asked if it would be okay to come over, her friend said sure. The place was close by and convenient so down town she went to the sex shop.

Andi had been getting quite comfy playing with Penny and Don and on one of her visits took a big step and asked Penny to treat her like a slut but nothing to heavy? This older woman friend had made plans just for her! So that when Andi called, she would have things ready in only a matter of minutes by calling several men friend,s along with some of the regulars that seemed to be conveniently around the store most of the time.

Once Andi arrived Penny took her to one of their special video booths that was bigger that the others and made her strip down to nothing and then made her kneel on the floor facing up close to the wall! With Andi on her knees she had tied her wrists behind back and at each of her ankles and then to rings on the floor so she couldn't move!

Then Penny took all her clothes, left the room, and locked the door! This left Andi there, naked in the dark helplessly wondering and listening to porno's that she could see out of the corner of her eye! Andi was so excited that her little heart was almost pounding out of her chest, and she could feel her pussy actually dripping! She heard noises of others? Penny must have gone into the booth next to hers and had opened a panel that left a large round hole in the wall! She was naked and bound helplessly in the the booth as the video stopped and the place went dark! She was there for about ten minutes, her anticipation and excitement was at its peak when first she heard male voices and then a hard cock was pushed through the hole and she was confronted with it, only inches from her face!

She could move her upper body so it could touch her only if she wanted! But it didn't stop the guy from trying to rub the head of his cock on her face and lips! She watched him wank himself off as she said cover me! Again and again, and guessed that word had got round the store, as she could count at least12 dicks through the hole in the half light of other booth and all were taking turns wanking themselves! Then they would stick one dick and sometimes two into the opening and would shoot there spunk directly onto her face or into her hair! She had been acting just like a cock sucking head hunter by encouraging them to cum all over her!It smelled different and tasted funny, not bad as she really liked the taste!

Most of it dripped off on her tits but she was so wet and horny by all of this, that a wet patch of her own feminine charms was left in a small patch on the floor directly under her sweet pink little bashful slit! One cock the last one of the bunch,.. was really big and black! She in her excitement had tried to suck on the big mushroomed shaped head, and finally was able to get a good lip lock on it just as he unleashed his spunk and she heard him groan in pleasure as she sucked him good! He was finally able to pull free of her sucking lips! It seemed they were all spent as one by one they slowly left the booth!

When Penny finally came back she told Andi what a good girl she had been, untied her and helped clean her up! She then told Andi she had a little surprise for her which consisted of a really sexy tight and very short mini skirt one that just barely covered her ass cheeks, and the pubic area around her pussy! Next was a boob tube with no bra! Penny then helped her out to the car and with her hand on Andi's wet panty less pussy and playing with it was going to drive her home! It was late and about a mile to her house! Then she abruptly stopped about half way from Andi's house and told her to get out of the car and give her the tube top!

Penny then made Andi walk the rest of the way home topless with her naked little boobies jiggling! By the time she had got home her pussy was so wet and the insides of her upper thighs were soaked, that once home and in her room had made herself cum repeatedly that nite! This stint at the adult arcade and the topless walk home had her so hot and horny it took her nearly all the next day to recover and come down from the incredible sexual high it had given her!

Several days later an international registered letter arrived informing Andi that her application had been reviewed and excepted. There was a voucher she could convert into cash for expenses and plane tickets from London's Heathrow airport to Chicago's O'hare with a connecting flight to PDX in Portland Oregon!
The next few weeks were a whirlwind of things to do Passport, Pictures Student visa clothes and personal items. She had previously confided in Penny of the possibility she might be headed to the states to attend some kind of sexual training school?

Continued in chapter 2